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Decorating and home makeover shows are all the rage right now.  Whether it’s HGTV or even ABC’s mega show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition , there is a common thread in so many of these shows….decorating on a budget.

June Blog

Here are 5 tips to help decorate your home without breaking the bank!

  • Paint.  Paint is a great way to turn an old room into something that feels new and fabulous!  Go with a bolder color than what you would normally be drawn to and use that color throughout the house with accent pieces.  Paint is an inexpensive way to change the feel of a room in an instant.


  • Furniture. Before you buy new furniture, go check out your local flea market, neighborhood garage sales or even craigslist.  There are some gems out there.  Sand and repaint an old chair or buy a new slipcover for an old but useable couch.  Those small touches will make it feel like new without the cost of retail furniture.


  • Accessories. Accessorizing makes a house a home.  Pillows, throw blankets, vases and picture frames are all ways to transform your home and you can do it on a budget.  Shop online for sales on specific accessories you are looking for.  Check out retailers like TJ Maxx and IKEA who have fabulous finds for a great price.


  • Think outside the box.  Did you know that Home Depot sold area rugs, or that Costco sold fine art? Think outside the box on what your local retailers sell and search online for sales. Your Home Depot area rug is going to cost a lot less than going to Pottery Barn.


  • DIY.  Do it yourself, as much as you can.  Some great DIY décor ideas:
    •  Laura Gaskill, Houzz contributor suggests that you frame illustrations, from a book or magazine that you love.  It’s not only an inexpensive way to have wall art, but a great way to showcase your personality.
    • Take a door off of a free standing cabinet and paint the inside.  It makes for a unique space that you can showcase according Danielle Claro of Real Simple.
    • Grab a piece of driftwood and make it a hanging rack on the wall, or make a dining room center piece with acorns from your yard and flowers from your garden.

Don’t forget that man’s  (and woman’s) best friend might have some anxiety about their new digs.  It’s not just a transition for you and your human family members, a new home can be an intimidating experience for your dog as well.  The good news is that dogs are resilient and these 5 steps will help to make your new home a safe and happy place for your pet.

  • When you arrive at the new home, show your dog some familiar things, whether it be their dog bowls, toys or their crate (if you crate them).  This will help them to understand that their comfort zone came with them


  • Don’t let your dog just roam the entire house.  Show your animal the house room by room.  Start with the living room one day and then introduce them to the basement the following day.  No need to overwhelm them all at once.


  • Don’t forget: dogs love treats!  As you introduce them to their new space, remember that a little treat will make for a happy experience.  They will associate the new space with reward!


  • Take your pet on a walk! Have them get to know their surroundings/smells around the home as well.  Introduce them to other animals in the neighborhood and if your neighbors are outside, an introduction to them as well.


  • Don’t forget to change your pet’s collar to reflect the new address or phone number of the new house in case he/she decides to check out the neighborhood alone!



We’re all familiar with DIY! When it comes to moving, it’s DDIY: Don’t do it yourself! At first glance, moving yourself might seem like the better option financially, but don’t forget to consider the following costs:

1. Breaking valuables during the move: Professional moving companies should be insured if they do any damage to your home or your valuables. However, many are not fully insured! Make sure you ask if your moving company offers 100% coverage, covering everything they handle, move, haul or come in contact with. Don’t assume anything.

2. Losing your damage deposit: If you are going to DIY and damage happens to a rental property, such as a scrape on the wall or a light fixture gets hit, you will be held responsible. Most likely you will end up losing your damage deposit.

3. The price for family and friends: Is it always worth it to ask family and friends to help with your move, just to save some money? In most cases, the answer is NO. Even just asking them can put them in an awkward position. Often times something will come up on the day of the move and you will end up alone or at best a few hands down than you originally planned. Days off are sacred to most of us, and we are pretty sure that if your friend has something “come up”, it’s for a day of hanging out at the lake.

4. Legal issues: If you do find family and friends to help, you still run the risk of injury. Hiring professional movers will ensure you have experienced people who know what they are doing and who are also coved if anything happens. Accidents do happen and more likely to happen to non-professionals. The last thing you want is to be responsible for your brother-in-law throwing out his back and winding up in the hospital.

5. Rental costs: Not only do you have to pay for renting a moving truck, but most truck rentals require you to pay some kind of insurance on the vehicle you are using. Don’t forget the cost of gas as well!

6. Time is money: As tempting as it is to DIY, these jobs can take twice as long, or even longer if you choose to go at this alone. There is no incentive for friends and family to “boogie” and get the job done in a timely manner, which could mean a lot of loafing around and resting.

In the end you are going to save money, time and stress by hiring a reputable moving company. Use resources like to ask the moving company the right questions and make your moving experience easy and affordable.

Find out why hiring a moving company can save you not only on stress but also be easier on your wallet in this month’s blog.

The time has come! You found the new home of your dreams and all that’s left is to move into it.  Don’t let the chore of packing overwhelm you. Remember one simple thing: the more detailed you are with labeling things, the easier and faster it will be to get settled in your new home. Along with these moving tips, here are a few simple labeling tips that will help keep your move more organized:

1.     On your computer, create a list of color-coded labels.  Designate one color per room so that you know not only exactly what is in the box but to which room it belongs to.

2.     When you pack a box and tape it closed, it is easy to just write on the top of it. DON’T!  Instead, label all four sides of the box so no matter how it is loaded or being carried, it is easy to see where it’s final destination is.

3.     Along with the actual labels, it is also important to indicate which side of the box is upright and if it contains fragile items. Again, like the labeling, this should be on all four sides of the box with arrows and a brightly colored fragile label.

4.     Last but not least in the wonderful world of labeling…cords!  Don’t go to the place we have all been before.  Avoid the giant box of random cords and chargers that you have no idea where they go or what they belong to.  Before you go unplug and pull things from the wall, label them.  When you arrive at your new home it will be so nice to unpack the box and know exactly where your power cord for your computer is.


Some of the labeling seems a bit repetitive, and with the arrows, colors, descriptions and fragile labels, it can seem like label overload. Remember, the more clear you are on what it is in the boxes, the easier it will be to unpack them and get settled.  Happy Moving!

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